F1 vs F1b great danoodle Temperament, Size, Adoption, Lifespan, Price

F1 Great danoodles are a mixed breed that is obtained by crossbreeding a Great Dane and a Poodle. F1b Great danoodles are obtained by back-crossing an F1 Great danoodle with Poodle. F1 Great danoodles are 50 percent Poodles and 50 percent Great Danes whereas F1b Great danoodles are 75 percent Poodles and only 25 percent Great Danes. F1b Great danoodles are more like Poodles by appearance and personality because of a greater genetic contribution. In the case of F1 Great danoodles, they may either be more like Poodles or Great Danes. The purpose of breeding these two beautiful dogs is to obtain a low shedding and hypoallergenic pet.

    F1 vs F1b great danoodle Temperament

    The F1 Great danoodle has a mixed temperament of both the parent breeds but F1b Great danoodle is more like Poodles. These beauties are affectionate and loyal. They are kind to kids and strangers. Sometimes they may take time to be friendly with strangers but they are sweet at first interaction. They are loyal dogs like their parent breeds. If they are taken out for a walk, they will show obedience and manners. You can take them to your social parties. These parties will make them socialize in a better way. They are mood changers. You can count on them whenever you feel low and in a bad mood.  

    F1 vs F1b  great danoodle Temperament, Size, Adoption, Lifespan, Price

    F1 vs F1b  great danoodle Temperament, Size, Adoption, Lifespan, Price

    F1 vs F1b great danoodle Size

    The size of these hybrid dogs is dependent on the size of parent breeds. Small-sized parents will produce a small-sized puppy. Usually, these dogs are large in size. Both F1 and F1b Great danoodles are large. The average weight of a Great danoodle is in the range of 90 pounds to 110 pounds. Talking about their height, they may stand within 28 inches to 30 inches from the shoulder. These loyal dogs are good to keep for your protection. They give good company whenever you are on a trip or picnic. You can easily carry them in your car.

    F1 vs F1b great danoodle Adoption

    To choose between F1 and F1b Great danoodles is a time taking and hard decision to make. Both these dogs are easy-going with family. If you are a family person, you can go for their adoption but if you are a busy person and traveling all the time, you should not adopt either of these dogs. F1b Great danoodles are more like Poodles and require more grooming as compared to F1 Great danoodles. Both of them need attention and care. If you cannot provide these two things, do not go for adoption. You can visit any local pet shop to adopt these beauties.

    F1 vs F1b great danoodle Lifespan

    Large-sized dogs usually live up to 13 years and this is the perfect lifespan for them. The same is the case with these mixed dogs. They live for a minimum of up to 8 years and a maximum of up to 13 years. After completing their lifespan, they may die a natural death or a disease can overcome them. They may meet an accident and lose their life before it is time. Sometimes some genetic diseases can also shorten their lifespan. You have to take them regularly to a veterinary doctor for better health. Before adoption, make sure you are adopting a healthy pet.

    F1 vs F1b great danoodle Price

    The F1 and F1b great danoodles share the same price range. You can get either of them within the range of 700$ to 1500$. You may adopt a cheap one from a rescue organization or from a shelter home. Handling these beauties is not a problem. You can easily train them according to your desire. They are intelligent, tall, beautiful dogs. Their grooming requires attention and money as well. You have to spend on their grooming session on a monthly basis. Other than this, you also have to spend on their health check-up every month. So, these expenses should be kept in mind before paying for their adoption.

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