Akita Inu Poodle mix (AkiPoo) Temperament, Size, Adoption, Lifespan

Akipoo is a hybrid dog breed that is obtained by breeding a Poodle and an Akita Inu. The poodle is an all-rounder dog breed that is commonly used for the purpose of cross-breeding. Akipoo dog breeds are more like their parents named Akita Inu. They have a wedge-shaped face, a curling tail, and erect ears. Some of the Akita dogs have floppy ears to the side of their face and a hanging tail. Like Poodles, they do not shed a lot. Their coat is dense and comes in a variety of colors. The most common colors are fawn and black.

    AkiPoo Temperament

    The temperament of Akipoo dog breeds is in between both parent breeds. It is very difficult to predict the temperament of the Poodle and Akita Inu mix. No one knows what traits can be inherited from the parent animal. They are incredibly loyal and brave. With family, they are affectionate and very good guard dogs. They are cautious around strangers and other pets. These dogs lay back and always welcome people. They are ideal guard dogs but not up to their parent breed i.e. Akita Inu. These dogs are lively and good-natured. These dogs cannot be left alone with kids. They always need supervision.

    Akita Inu Poodle mix (AkiPoo) Temperament, Size, Adoption, Lifespan

    AkiPoo Size

    The Akipoo is a medium-sized dog breed. These dogs are obtained by breeding a standard Poodle with an Akita Inu. Their size is compatible with taking out the average height of an Akipoo is in the range of 18 inches to 25 inches from the shoulder. Talking about weight, their weight is in the range of 45 pounds to 120 pounds. They are heavy to handle. You can take them out for a walk in the morning or jog. Taking them out for trips and picnics is recommended because they are a very good company to keep. They are very good guard dogs. So, you can also keep them for the purpose of guarding.

    AkiPoo Adoption

    The adoption of an Akipoo is recommended for people having kids and family. These dogs are very good family pets and can also serve as guard dogs. Having a busy routine is not suitable for their adoption. You have to spare time for these adorable dogs. They are very active and alert. So, they require exercise daily for the maintenance of their mental and physical health. At least 30 minutes of physical activity is required for these beauties. You can easily adapt them from a reputable breeder or from a rescue center. The other option is always recommended.

    AkiPoo Lifespan

    The lifespan of a medium-sized Akipoo is a minimum of 12 years and they can live a maximum of up to 15 years. These dogs are hybrid animals and like other hybrid breeds, they live a healthy life. In crossbreeding, the designer dog skips a lot of inherited diseases and health problems. These dogs are sensitive to some medications as well. You should check the health status of your pet at least once to ensure their healthy life. Other than inherited health problems, accidents, diet, exercise, living environment, and socialization may also affect the overall life expectancy of a dog.

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