Bordernese (Bernese Mountain Dog Border Collie mix) Temperament, Size, Lifespan, Adoption

Bordernese is a hybrid dog breed that can be obtained by cross-breeding a Bernese mountain dog and a Border Collie. This designer dog is medium to large in size. The body type and colors of Bernese Mountain dogs are dominant in these canines whereas the color of their fur resembles Border collie. This dog is a great combination of gentleness and intelligence. They are very good companion dogs for families. If you have kids and other pets in the house, these dogs are a good option to adopt. There is a contrast in the activeness of both parent breeds. So, they are not extraordinary active dogs. 

    Bordernese Temperament

    The temperament of bordernese is a mix of both parent breeds. They have an outstanding personality. They are loyal and energetic dogs. They like to play with kids and other pets. These canines always remain alert and can serve as protectors of the family. They are loving and smart. They are social dogs and like to make new friends. Bordernese will never disappoint you if you are looking for a good-nature dog. They are always eager to make their owner happy. To make them obedient, socialization at an early stage of life plays an important role. They are not vocal dogs and bark only when they see any suspicious activity. 

    Bordernese Size

    The size of a Bordernese is medium to large. These dogs are dependent on the size of parent breeds. If the parent breeds are large in size, their mixed dog will also be of large size. The average weight of a male dog is not different from the average size of a female dog. They weigh within 40 pounds to 80 pounds in weight whereas their height is 23 inches to 28 inches from the shoulder. These dogs are very good walk companions and social companions. They would help to expand your social circle with their friendly nature. 

    Bordernese Lifespan

    The lifespan of a Bordernese is from 12 years to 15 years. This life expectancy is the average life expectancy of a medium-sized dog. Mixed dog breeds are believed to have a longer life expectancy than purebred. It is also claimed that mixed breeds are comparatively healthier than purebred animals. They are healthy canines but not completely free of genetic health problems. They need to take to a vet regularly to spend a healthy life with them. They are also required to be taken care of their diet and exercise. If they are properly fed and trained, their life expectancy may even extend from 15 years. 

    Bordernese Adoption

    Adoption of a Bordernese is recommended for those who are experienced with keeping pets. These dogs are good with kids and other pets. So, if you have pets and kids in the house, these dogs are a perfect fit for you. If you need a protector for the house, these dogs will protect you from strangers. The adoption spots including rescue centers and shelter homes are recommended for adopting a dog. Purchase from a reputable breeder and a pet shop would cost a high price. A lot of websites are available to find nearby spots for adoption. You can easily purchase them online as well.

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