Labernese Temperament, Size, Adoption, Lifespan, Price

A labernese is a designer dog breed that is obtained by cross-breeding a Bernese Mountain Dog with a Labrador Retriever. These dogs are intelligent and smart. These loving dogs are friendly with people, kids, and other pets. These dogs are bred intentionally to obtain a mixture of best-ever traits from the parent breeds. These dogs have a longer lifespan. They spend their life being affectionate and excellent family pets. They are super social, which makes them friendly. They are always the first to offer friendship. They do not like to be alone. If they stay alone for a long time, anxiety and depression may get over them.

    Labernese Temperament

    The temperament of Labernese dogs is very gentle and affectionate. They are very friendly. They have a lot of love in their personality that they offer to everyone. They like the company of kids and people. Depression and anxiety may get over them if they have been left alone for longer spans. These beautiful dogs are kid lovers. You can take the dog out for a walk and jog. They are very good companions for kids. Their large size requires a lot of exercise to stay fit and healthy. They would love to spend time with kids at a park in the afternoon. 

    Labernese Temperament, Size, Adoption, Lifespan, Price

    Labernese Size

    The size of a Labernese dog is large. Their size is dependent on the size of their parent breeds. These are new dogs so their size range may fluctuate. On average, their weight may range from 65 pounds to 110 pounds. Their height ranges from 24 inches to 28 inches. The overall size of female Labernese dogs is slightly smaller than the male Labernese. They can be kept as a protector of the house because of their ancestral skills and large size. These beautiful dogs are the perfect companions for kids. You can leave them alone with kids without any doubt. 

    Labernese Adoption

    The adoption of Labernese dogs is suitable for kids and families. These dogs are mostly adopted for the sake of kids. They are the perfect companions for children. If you are a family person and have time for pets, these dogs are for you. But if you are a busy person and do not have time for your pet, these dogs are not for you. Labernese dogs may get depressed if they do not get any attention and love. These dogs can be easily adapted from a rescue center or a shelter home. They can also be adopted from a reputable breeder and a pet shop. 

    Labernese Lifespan

    The lifespan of a Labernese dog is longer than the lifespan of purebred parent breeds. These dogs may live from 6 years to 12 years. This is the perfect life expectancy for a large-sized dog. These beautiful canines are healthy and do not suffer from health issues. They may be predisposed to some genetic health issues that could shorten their lifespan. So, regular checkups with an experienced vet are necessary. They may suffer from the same health issues that their parent breeds are prone to. An appropriate diet and a lot of exercise are also necessary to maintain their health. 

    Labernese Price

    The price of a Labernese varies individually. There is a defined cost range that varies from 1000 dollars to 1200 dollars. Their price varies according to location, availability, color, age, and size. These dogs also require regular veterinary checkups and grooming sessions. So there may be annual medical expenses of around 485 dollars to 600 dollars. You may also have to spend on their grooming. These dogs are expensive but worth the price. To avoid medical expenses, make sure you are adopting a healthy pet. If necessary, perform the required medical tests and overlook the report. 

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