Siberian Cat vs Maine Coon Personality, Size, Lifespan, Price

Siberian and Maine Coon cats are two different breeds that resemble a lot but some significant changes have been seen in them. If these two similar-looking breeds are allowed to sit side by side, their comparison can be made easily. Both these cat breeds are domesticated and are considered among the largest cat breeds all over the world. These cats differ in size, color, appearance, and personality. When the size of both these cats is compared, Maine Coon cats are larger than Siberian cats. Maine Coon cats have some health issues whereas Siberian cats are rarely seen with health problems. 

    Siberian Cat vs Maine Coon Personality

    Siberian cats have a wide personality that is fun-loving. These cats are easy-going with other animals and people. Siberian cats are adventurous and these cats like to run and walk on a leash. They are also called athletes among their kind. Contrary to them, Maine Coon cats are called “gentle giants”. They also have fun personalities like Siberian cats. Sometimes, Maine Coon cats do not show any affection to people around them. They like the company of kids, other pets, and humans. They can easily adjust to any new environment. 

    Siberian Cat vs Maine Coon Personality, Size, Lifespan, Price
    Siberian Cat 

    Siberian Cat vs Maine Coon Personality, Size, Lifespan, Price
    Maine Coon 

    Siberian Cat vs Maine Coon Size

    The size of a Maine Coon cat is comparatively larger than the size of a Siberian cat. Both cats are domestic and can be easily kept at home with family. The average weight of a male Maine Coon cat is up to 18 pounds and their length is up to 3 feet long. Sometimes these cats may even weigh up to 30 pounds and their length may reach up to four feet. The average weight of a Siberian cat is up to 17 pounds and its length is up to 2 feet. Siberian cats take a long time to become adults. 

    Siberian Cat vs Maine Coon Lifespan

    The lifespan is the overall expectancy of life for every living being. A Siberian cat is expected to live from 10 years to 17 years. This is the widest life expectancy for a domestic cat. Comparative to Siberian cats, Maine Coon cats are expected to live from 12 years to 15 years at max. Maine Coon cats are considered less healthy than Siberian cats. Maine Coon cats may suffer from genetic or acquired health problems in their life and need regular vet checkups for a steady and healthy life. Siberian cats require grooming sessions to avoid any problems regarding health. 

    Siberian Cat vs Maine Coon Price

    The price of both cat breeds differs according to multiple factors. Siberian cats are rarely found anywhere because it is a rare breed and expensive as well. On average, these cats cost anywhere from 1000 dollars to 2000 dollars. Maine Coon cats are popular and are commonly available. A Maine Coon cat is less expensive than a Siberian cat. On average, their price may vary between 500 dollars to 1500 dollars. Purchasing from a reputable breeder is always expensive. However, if you are looking for a cheaper purchase, you can contact a rescue center and shelter home. Siberian cats are hard to find at rescue centers. 

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