Maine Coon Calico Mix Personality, Size, Lifespan, Price

Maine coon Calico is a well-known cat breed for its color. The word “Calico” refers to a textile that contains woven fabrics of multiple colors. A Maine Coon cat must have at least three different colors that need to be called a Calico. The colors may include Red, White, and Black. All Maine Coon Calico cats have the same above-mentioned three colors but the pattern changes individually. Those who are cat lovers are admirers of these beautiful bright-colored cats. It is not a feline cat breed. These cats have the most impressive characteristics and physique. Their uniqueness has enlisted them in the Guinness World Record. 

    Maine Coon Calico Mix Personality

    The personality of a Maine Coon Calico is adorable. These beautiful cats are known as “Gentle Giants”. They are friendly and very social. These cats have distinguishing characteristics from other cat breeds. Some people say that they have a dog-like personality. They are fond of cuddling in their owner’s lap. They also seek affection from their people. In terms of personality, their traits are very unique and adorable. They are friendly with kids, other pets, and adults as well. Most of the time they hop around in the house. They are always energetic and follow the butterflies. Their intelligence is admirable. 

    Maine Coon Calico Mix Personality, Size, Lifespan, Price

    Maine Coon Calico Mix Size

    The size of a Calico Maine Coon cat is dependent on the parent breed. Talking about their weight, they weigh between 8 pounds to 18 pounds. When their height is measured from the shoulder, they stand between 10 to 16 inches. The female Calico Maine Coon cats may stand up to 14 inches and are a bit shorter than male cats. Their body length is also measured between 19 inches to 30 inches from head to tail. Their tail is half the length of the body. Their tails are often measured within the range of 12 inches to 18 inches. They grow as they age.

    Maine Coon Calico Mix Lifespan

    The life expectancy of a Calico Maine Coon mix cat is from 9 years to 20 years. This is one of the longest life expectancies for cats. Maine Coon cats are prone to some health problems that may be inherited by the Calico Maine Coon mix. These cats can only survive through the expected life expectancy if they are provided with quality care and exercise. These cats are highly energetic and need proper exercise to consume their energy. A quality diet is necessary to keep these cats healthy throughout their life. You may have to spend time and money on their health. 

    Maine Coon Calico Mix Price

    The price of a Calico Maine Coon mix varies according to the size, color, location, and availability of the cat. These cats are available for up to 2000 dollars. A reputable breeder may demand this high price. If you contact a rescue center or a shelter home, they may be less expensive. These cats require medical tests as well. So, other than adoption charges, you may also have to spend on their health. These beautiful cats require grooming sessions as well. So, grooming also comes at a price. After all the expenses, these cats are worth the price. 

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