Munchkin Maine Coon Mix Personality, Size, Lifespan, Price

Munchkin Maine coon mix cats belong to the United States because both their parent breeds also originate from the United States. These mixed cats are rare and cannot be found easily. They share 50 percent traits from both parent breeds. Both their personality and appearance present a mixture of traits. These beautiful cats are gentle and friendly. Their litter size ranges from 2 to 6. Low to moderate maintenance is required for Munchkin Maine coon mix cats. They are not hypoallergenic. If you are a newbie these cats are a perfect fit for you. Tabby brown Color is commonly available in these cats.

    Munchkin Maine Coon Mix Personality

    The Munchkin Maine coon mix cats have a mixture of two different cat breeds. They love to be pampered by their owners. On the other hand, they like to socialize and increase their social circle. These intelligent cats are easy to train so you may not have to pay extra attention. To engage their brain some puzzles and games could be provided to them. These cats are vocal and their meow alarms the people about the situation. These mixed cats may have a sitting habit resembling a rabbit just like Munchkin cats. These cats are not suitable for kids because they can cause injury to the children. 

    Munchkin Maine Coon Mix Personality, Size, Lifespan, Price

    Munchkin Maine Coon Mix Size

    The Munchkin Maine coon mix cats are medium to large-sized cats. These beauties may have a variable size within the breed itself. The Maine coons are large whereas the Munchkins are available in small to medium size. So, their mix can be either large or medium in size. Genetics plays a main role in defining the size. On average their weight ranges from 6 pounds to 20 pounds. Their height varies according to the size of the mixed cat. They may have a furry coat on their body resembling Maine coon. They may also get inherited with a 3 layered thick and silky coat.

    Munchkin Maine Coon Mix Lifespan

    A Munchkin Maine coon mix cat lives from 9 years to 15 years. They may even cross 17 years of life expectancy. These mixed cats are found to be healthy and energetic. If you do not provide them with any activity or task to engage their brain, they may get sick and overall their life expectancy could be reduced. It is believed that hybrid cat breeds live a longer lifespan than their parent breeds. These cats follow the same rule and live for up to 18 years. This life expectancy is enough to live quality time with these cats. 

    Munchkin Maine Coon Mix Price

    These designer cats are expensive because both their parent breeds are expensive. Adoption from a rescue center is cheaper than adoption from a reputable breeder. The Munchkin Maine coon mix cats are available within the price range from 2000 dollars to 3500 dollars. The kittens are more expensive than adult cats. These beauties are worth buying because of their friendly temperament. It is recommended to purchase a kitten and bring it up to your rules and desires. If money is a problem, you can also purchase an adult cat and groom it according to your desire.

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