Oriental Shorthair Bengal Mix Personality, Size, Lifespan, Price

Oriental shorthair Bengal mix is a unique hybrid cat breed that originates by crossbreeding an oriental shorthair cat and a Bengal cat. Oriental shorthair has an origin from the United Kingdom and the Bengal cat originated from the United States. These mixed cats share 50 percent traits from both sides. These cats present an affectionate and loving personalities. Anyone could fall for these beauties. They have short and silky coats on their body that resemble oriental shorthair. These cats show minimal to moderate shedding. So, low to moderate maintenance is required for these hybrid cats. These cats are easy to train. 

    Oriental Shorthair Bengal Mix Personality

    Oriental shorthair Bengal mix cats are intelligent and curious like their Oriental shorthair parent breed. These cats are talkative and like to have long-lasting conversations with their people. These hybrid cats hate being alone for a long time. Instead, they would like to spend time with children and other pets in the house. Oriental shorthair Bengal mix cats are playful, smart, and energetic. They create strong and loyal bonds with their family. All they need is affection and attention in return. These cats may have wild traits like Bengal cats. They may hunt moles, mice, and birds. These cats are quick learners as well. 

    Oriental Shorthair Bengal Mix Personality, Size, Lifespan, Price

    Oriental Shorthair Bengal Mix Size

    Oriental shorthair Bengal mix cats are medium in size. These cats weigh in an expected range of 3 kg to 7 kg. These hybrid cats may stand up to 70 cm when measured from the shoulder. These cats may have slender legs like oriental shorthair. The average size of a male hybrid cat does not differ from the size of a female hybrid cat. These beauties may have spotted bodies just like Bengal cats. A lot of colors and patterns are available including grey, brown, rosette, black, clouded, red, and ticked. These are hypoallergenic cats that do not shed much. 

    Oriental Shorthair Bengal Mix Lifespan

    The Oriental shorthair Bengal mix cat is an interesting hybrid breed. It is believed that hybrid breeds live a longer lifespan as compared to their parent breeds. On average these cats may live from 10 years to 16 years. These cats are healthier than their parent breeds because of a lot of health problems during cross-breeding. These cats are prone to cardiomyopathy like Bengal cats. To avoid these health problems regular checkups from an experienced vet are required. GIT problems are commonly found in these mixed cat breeds. You can also perform some necessary medical tests to ensure the health status of your pet. 

    Oriental Shorthair Bengal Mix Price

    Oriental shorthair Bengal mix cats are expensive. On average, these cats are available within the range of 600 dollars to 3000 dollars. If you contact a reputable breeder, these cats may be available from 1500 dollars to 3000 dollars. But if you contact a shelter home and a rescue center. These cats may cost between 600 dollars to 1000 dollars. After adoption, you may also have to spend money on their grooming center that may cost extra money. Although these cats are expensive and worth buying because of their temperament. Their loving personality could help you to grow socially as well.

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