Chonzer Temperament, Size, Lifespan, Adoption, Price

Chonzer is a hybrid dog, and his parent breeds are the Bichon Frise and the Miniature Schnauzer. The parent dogs originated from Germany and Spain. They are intelligent, affectionate, and protective. Protecting their people is one of their best habits. These dogs are easy to train by the owner because of their intelligence. They require a lot of love from their owner and kids who live in the house. Their friendly behavior attracts everyone. They like to spend more time with their friends and the most special person. They shed minimally and are non-hypoallergenic dogs.

    Chonzer Temperament

    Chonzer is a mixed breed dog. These dogs are loving, playful, and alert. When the strangers come into the house, they bark to make all of them alert. These affectionate dogs love to play with kids, family members, and the other pets in the place. They also spend more time with their family members. These are lap dogs who like to sit in your lap for hours. They want to go out for a walk. When they go outside, they make a new friendship or connection with other dogs. You should not leave them alone for a long time. These mixed breed dogs require low to moderate maintenance.

    Chonzer Temperament, Size, Lifespan, Adoption, Price

    Chonzer Size

    Chonzer mixed dogs are entertaining dogs. They love to play fun games. These dogs always participate in energetic games and activities. These dogs are medium to large. On average, their weight may vary from 11 pounds to 23 pounds. There is a slight difference in female's size. Their height is perfect. When they are measured from the shoulder, their height varies from 21 cm to 36 cm. They have a double thick-layered coat. On their outer skin, they have curly, wiry, and medium-length hair. These dogs are available in many colors, including a mix of black and white and a black and silver combination.  

    Chonzer Lifespan

    Chonzer dogs are social dogs. They like to go outside daily to develop their personality. These are the healthier dogs. So, that is why they live a longer lifespan as compared to the parent dogs. Their life expectancy may range from 12 years to 19 years. They may reach up to 20 years. They also have some genetic medical issues, including cataract, liver shunts, and cancer. A cataract is a disease of the eyes. Cancer and liver shunts are the most severe and dangerous diseases in these dogs. This mixed dog breed shed minimally according to the season.

    Chonzer Adoption 

    Chonzer dogs are easily adjustable in every different environment. These dogs are almost available at every adoption spot, so you can easily buy this dog. These dogs are also available at a rescue center and shelter home. If you buy this breed from a reputable breeder, the dogs will be a little bit trained. Before purchasing, you should look at your budget because their costs are very high. You can easily buy this breed from a rescue center because its cost is low compared to a reputable breeder. If you are a working person, these dogs are not suitable for you because they do not like to live alone for a long time. 

    Chonzer Price

    Chonzer dogs are more expensive dogs as compared to purebred dogs. On average, their price may range from 500 dollars to 2700 dollars. If you buy this breed from a rescue center or a shelter home, their cost can be cheaper. Their puppies are also more expensive as compared to adult dogs. Their price may vary from 1000 dollars to 2500 dollars. If you buy this breed from a reputable breeder, their costs are very high. After adoption, you may have to take care of their diet and health. You also may have to spend on their grooming.

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