Bostie Temperament, Size, Lifespan, Adoption, Price

Bostie is a hybrid dog and his parent breeds are the Bostie Terries and the Boston Westie. These originated from the United States of America. They are loving, affectionate, and loyal. These dogs are loyal to their owners. Their personality is very attractive. Everyone loves them because of their attractive personality. They require a lot of attention from the owner and their special person in the house. They require low to moderate maintenance. They are lap dogs. They want to go for a walk daily. They shed moderately according to the season. These loving dogs love to play ball games with kids, family members, and other pets on the house 

    Bostie Temperament

    Bostie dogs are mixed dogs. They are playful, intelligent, and alert dogs. They love to play games and also participate in many other entertaining activities. These are energetic dogs too so they do not like to sit for a long time. They love to go outside with their special person in the house and make a good companion with other family pets. These dogs are easily trained by the owner. You should not leave them for a long time. When you go for a job in the morning they will be waiting for you till the evening. When you return home they want a lot of love and attention.

    Bostie Temperament, Size, Lifespan, Adoption, Price

    Bostie Size

    Bostie dogs are the mixtures of Boston Westie and the Bostie Terrier. They are independent dogs and love to go outside daily. They are medium to large in size. Their weight may range from 14 pounds to 20 pounds. Their height is good as compared to the other dogs. When their height is measured from the shoulder. Their height may range from 25 cm to 40 cm. They have a thick and fine layer coat. On their coat, they have silky, smooth, and long hair. These dogs are available in many colors such as cream, black and white. 

    Bostie Lifespan

    Bostie mixed dogs are loving dogs. They love all of them who live in the house and also protect them every time. These dogs live a longer lifespan as compared to the other dogs. Their life expectancy may range from 10 years to 14 years. Their puppies live a disease-free life. The Bostie mixed dogs reach up to 14 years even with the illness. When they go outside they become healthy, fit, and fresh. But they may also have some medical issues. They have some allergies and infections. So, you may have to take them for a regular checkup to a veterinary doctor. 

    Bostie Adoption

    The Bostie mixed dogs become shy in front of strangers. This breed is easily available at every adoption spot. If you live in a small house this breed is very suitable for you because these dogs are easily adjusted in every environment. If you want to buy this breed you should look at your budget. These dogs are also available at a rescue center and shelter home. If you are a working person this breed is not suitable for you. After adoption, you may have to spend on their grooming. You should also take care of their diet, health, and fitness. 

    Bostie Price

    Bostie mixed dogs are expensive dogs as compared to purebred dogs. If you adopt this breed after adoption you may have to spend on their grooming, health, and diet. If you buy this breed from a rescue center or a shelter home this breed will be cheaper. Their puppies are also may or may not be more expensive than the parent breeds. These mixed dogs require moderate maintenance. They have a bushy tail that needs regular brushing. Maintenance of health requires a lot of money. The prices differ from location to location. So, it could only be defined in a range.

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