Diamond Pro89 dog food Reviews, Recall History, Rating, Ingredients

Diamond pro89 is a highly rated dog food available in a variety of Diamond sub-brands. All of the Diamond sub-brands are different from each other. They are available under the names of diamond dog food, diamond naturals, diamond naturals grain-free, diamond care, and the last is diamond natural wet. Diamond pro89 dog food is available in dry form, and its price is lower than the others. The diamond pro89 food is also available in a wet form packaged in a can. It is made from grains. Diamond pro89 is dry, containing high meat content and special ingredients. People have top-rated diamond pro89 dog food for its high quality and taste. 

    It has been rated 4.5 out of 5 by most of the clients. Diamond pro89 has a high nutritional value that has made life easier. People say that the fine quality meat and ingredients of diamond pro89 help their dogs to grow healthy and active. A single scoop of Diamond pro89 is equally effective as meat and other dietary items. Diamond pro89 has probiotics that help maintain the normal gut flora of dogs. It keeps the stomach healthy and sound. People are happy to have such a complete nutritional meal for their dogs. 

    Diamond Pro89 Recall History

    The diamond pro89 dog food has a well-known recall history. The first recall of diamond dog food was reported on 18th May 2012 under diamond issues, yet another dog food. This first recall was contamination of Salmonella bacteria that are dangerous for dogs. The second recall of diamond food was under the diamond dog food recall widens. The date of this recall is 30th April 2012. The reason for this recall was to include diamond puppy formula in dry dog food. The third recall of diamond food was the diamond dog food recall that was reported on 6th April 2012.  

    Diamond Pro89 dog food Reviews, Recall History, Rating, Ingredients

    Diamond Pro89 Rating

    Diamond pro89 is the most favorite dog food rated by people. The rating of diamond pro89 dog food is high compared to the other competitive dog foods. The diamond sub-brands have different ratings from each other. People mostly rate 4.5 out of 5 for the diamond dog food. Every sub-brand of Diamond pro89 is rated differently by regular customers. Some of the diamond sub-brands are rated around 4 out of 5. The diamond natural wet dog food rated highest compared to the other brands. This food is highly recommended for inexperienced caretakers.  

    Diamond Pro89 Ingredients

    The diamond pro89 dog food is available in dry and wet form. Their ingredients differ according to their different brands. The diamond dog food in dry form is made from some dry ingredients, including corn, wheat, and rice. The diamond natural dog food is also a premium dry food, and its ingredients are high quality. It contains all the important minerals and nutrients. The diamond natural grain-free dog food does not contain any granules. Its ingredients are fresh and healthy for the health of a dog. The diamond care dog food is also grain-free, in which no wheat or corn is included.

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