Toulouse Goose Male vs Female

Toulouse goose is a domestic breed that tends to be aggressive against others. These Toulouse gooses are loving and affectionate. They originated from Toulouse, but nowadays, you can easily find them in the poultry areas of America, Europe, and Asia. These Toulouse geese belong to the class Aves. They like to live in groups. They do not want to live alone. They make an excellent companion and create strong bonds with the other goose. The male and female Toulouse geese mature at three to four years. 

    Both male and female geese live the same lifespan. Their life expectancy may range from 20 years to 22 years. They love to live on farms. These are not available in the wild areas. Both male and female Toulouse geese want to spend their time in the pond water, which is suitable for them. These geese are available in common colors: grey, white, buff, and a mixture of these three colors. They sometimes appear as a fusion of different colors that looks attractive. 

    Toulouse Goose Male vs. Female

    The male and female are available in the same colors. That is why it is hard to differentiate between them. Both males and females have long necks and short bodies, and their breasts are prominent. The male goose is large as compared to the female. The male and female have different colored beaks. The male goose has a greyish color beak, but the female goose has a bright orange beak. They both look very beautiful in different colors. 

    Toulouse Goose Male vs Female

    The Toulouse male geese have long necks and larger heads than the female. That is the major difference between them, and we can differentiate them based on their necks. The male and female have different eye colors as well. Both male and female geese are very attractive compared to the other breeds. The sound of male and female is also different from each other. 

    The male goose has a low honk, and the female goose has a faster and higher honk. Their size also differs a lot. Overall, they are very tall. Their average size may range from 36 inches to 40 inches. The female geese are heavier than the male. The weight of males may vary from 8 kg to 9 kg compared to the female geese. Their weight may range from 12 kg to 13 kg. The male and female are available at different costs. 

    The female goose is much more expensive as compared to the male. The cost of a female goose may range from 24 dollars to 34 dollars. The cost of a male goose may vary from 11 dollars to 16 dollars. If you are a busy person, these geese are suitable for you. If you want to buy it, you should look at your budget. These require moderate maintenance by an experienced owner. If you have these geese at home, you should regularly take good care of them.

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