Arapawa Goat Personality, Origin, Milk Production, Meat Quality

 Arapawa goats are a domestic breed. These goats are available in low numbers. Their population rate is very low compared to the other similar goat breeds. These goats are available in their common colour, which is black. These Arapawa goats are small to medium. The average weight of these goats may range from 60 pounds to 80 pounds. The Arapawa goats live a longer lifespan and their life expectancy may vary from 11 years to 12 years. You can not find these goats at local markets and commercial areas.

    Arapawa Goat Personality

    The Arapawa goats are friendly, loving, and caring. They mostly live in groups. If they live alone, they become sad. They require moderate maintenance from the owner. If you want to keep them in your backyard, it would be best if you took good care of them. They love the winter season. When the winter season starts, they become happy and feel comfortable. They like to play with their friends and spend more time with them. The Arapawa goats also enjoy the company of their owner. They may have some health diseases. That is why you should take good care of them.

    Arapawa Goat Personality, Origin,  Milk Production, Meat Quality

    Arapawa Goat Origin

    The Arapawa goats were first introduced in New Zealand, then arrived in Europe in the 16th century. These goats are mostly found on the island of Arapawa. The Island of Arapawa is located near the South Island of New Zealand. The origin of these goats is the island of Captain James Cook. In the 18th century, these goats were also found in Britain by Anglo-Saxons. Since 1777, these goats were found by the Cook on the island. At that time, Cook did not estimate the population of these goats accurately. 

    Arapawa Goat Milk Production

    The Arapawa goats yield good quality milk. When you see their population in other countries, they are mostly available on dairy farms. The quality of their milk is excellent. The Arapawa goat’s milk is very suitable for adults and kids. Their milk is very helpful in the growth of an individual. We can make dairy products with their milk that includes different kinds of cheese, bread and yoghurt. The Arapawa goat’s milk tastes the same as the other dairy goats. These Arapawa goats produce 1 litre to 1.5 litres per day. 

    Arapawa Goat Meat Quality

    The meat of Arapawa goats is delicious. The meat of these goats is very popular, but it is available in rare places. You can not find their meat easily. The colour of their meat is reddish-maroon. Their meat has less fat and cholesterol as compared to beef and chicken. The meat of Arapawa goats is full of calories and proteins. In which they have 122 calories and 23 grams of proteins. Their high quality meat enriched with proteins fulfil our body requirements efficiently. Kids also like their meat and love to eat it.

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