East Friesian sheep Advantages and Disadvantages

East Friesian sheep are a domestic breed. East Friesian sheep originated from Germany. These sheep are also introduced to the United States from Canada. East Friesian sheep are used for milk production. The common color of these sheep is white. These sheep have friendly behavior. That is why the people like this breed of sheep. For their good milk production, they require a good and healthy diet. East Friesian sheep require high maintenance from the owner. These sheep have pretty pink noses and ears. 

    They have a thin tail. Their body and legs are covered with good wool, which helps them easily survive in the winter. The wool is too warm. They live on dairy farms. They become happy when they live in large green areas. The common food of these sheep is grass. East Friesian sheep are docile, friendly, and loving. They live a longer lifespan. Their life expectancy may vary from 10 years to 12 years. East Friesian sheep are medium to large. Their weight may vary from 150 to 200 pounds (70-90 kg). These sheep make excellent companions.

    East Friesian sheep Advantages and Disadvantages


    East Friesian sheep Advantages 

    • A major advantage of these sheep is a lot of milk production.
    • They provide us with good and high-quality milk. 
    • Industries are manufacturing cheese, yogurt, and bread from their milk on a large scale. 
    • East Friesian sheep can produce 300 liters to 600 liters per lactation. 
    • The edibles made from their milk have a high nutritional value. 
    • A number of industries are running on the basis of the milk production of these sheep.
    • The meat of these sheep is also beneficial for human health. 
    • Their meat has a high nutritional value. 
    • These sheep produce good quality wool. 
    • Industries make clothes and jerseys with their wool. 
    • The clothes made with their wool are beneficial for the extreme winter season. 
    • They are super friendly and have cool temperament. 

    East Friesian sheep Disadvantages

    • East Friesian sheep require an experienced owner. 
    • East Friesian sheep are not good for a busy person. 
    • If you do not take good care of them, they may suffer from any disease. 
    • They have some genetic health issues. 
    • East Friesian sheep require a large space to live. 
    • They do not want to live alone. 
    • When they live alone, they become anxious. 
    • East Friesian sheep are not available at adoption spots. 
    • You can not easily find this breed in the market. 
    • East Friesian sheep are much more expensive. 
    • Their price may vary from 800 dollars to 1000 dollars. 

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