Greylag Goose Male vs. Female

Greylag goose is the largest domestic breed. The Greyland goose breed originated from the farmyard geese. Their major population exist in Europe and the UK. These geese are also found in the areas of Scotland. The breed is the largest in population as compared to the others. These Greylag geese belong to the Aves class like the other birds. The current worldwide population of these Greylag geese may vary from 10 million to 11 million. Nowadays, these geese live in different countries. These Greylag geese are friendly, loving, and attractive. The other groups of the ducks and geese enjoy their company and love to play with them. These geese can easily live in wetlands, grasslands, and farmyards. They require moderate maintenance. They do not want to live alone. They like to live with other animals and birds as well.

    Greylag Goose Characteristics

    The Greylag goose lives a longer lifespan. Their life expectancy may vary from 7 years to 8 years. The breeding procedure of these Greylag geese is different according to their country they are living in. The breeding season of these geese starts in May in Iceland and in Europe it starts in April. These female Greylag geese lay 4 eggs to 6 eggs. The incubation period of these female geese may start from 25 days to 28 days. When their babies are aged 2 years to 3 years, they start getting mature.

    Greylag Goose Male vs. Female

    Greylag Goose Male vs. Female

    The male and female Greylag goose have the same size. They are medium to large. If you measure their size from head to tail, they may vary from 50 to 70 inches, including their wings. They have the same lifespan. The male Greylag geese are white in colour than the females. The female Greylag geese are available in grey colour with white patches. The breast of female geese is heavy and on the lower side compared to the males. The maple neck is straight, but the female neck is bent towards the lower side because of their heavy breasts.

    Both genders are more attractive than the other similar goose breeds. They do not have any more differences. The male and female Greylag geese are almost the same. Both genders can fly easily at the rate of 3 mph to 4 mph, and they also run fast. Both genders make excellent companions with the other geese. 

    Both genders are non-expensive. You can easily buy them from a local market where they have a large population. The male and female Greylag geese have the same price. Their cost may range from 12 dollars to 25 dollars. They do not require extra space to live. When these geese play with their friends, they become happy and comfortable. Socialization of these geese is good for their health. They require a good diet from their owner. They do not require any special care.

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