Sanga Cattle Origin, Characteristics, Beef Quality, Price

Sanga cattle are an East African breed. It is one of the most famous cattle breeds and is also known as the name of Indigenous cattle breed. Cross-breeding of Bos taurus and Bos indicus produces the Sanga cattle breed. These cattle are domesticated and can be kept on home farms and in the backyard. They are not dangerous to anyone. They like to live on dairy farms in the Eastern areas. They require moderate maintenance. They have a thick coat layer on their body. Their coats protect them from any disease and help them survive in the winter. We can use their coats for making the clothes. They have a thick layer coat. These cattle are available in many other colors. 

    Sanga Cattle Origin

    Sanga cattle originated from East Africa. These cattle are independent in Africa. The Sanga cattle are also seen in the western areas near Lake Victoria. This cattle population is growing continuously and is introduced near the river Nile. Before 8 thousand years, these cattle were also seen in Egypt. In 1993 the population of these cattle was estimated at around 201430. But nowadays, their population is continuously growing. They belong to Africa. That is why they are commonly known as the African breed.

    Sanga Cattle Origin, Characteristics, Beef Quality, Price

    Sanga Cattle Characteristics

    The Sanga cattle are friendly, loving, and affectionate. Their friendly behavior attracts everyone. Children also enjoy their company and are happy to play with them. They feel fit and comfortable when they live in forests, gardens, and green areas. They do not want to live alone. Whenever you see these cattle, they are in groups. They make new friends with time. The Sanga cattle live a longer lifespan. Their life expectancy may vary from 8 years to 9 years. Sanga cattle are small to medium in height. Their height may range from 110 cm to 115 cm. 

    Sanga Cattle Beef Quality

    The beef quality of Sanga cattle is so good. The beef of these cattle is also good for our health. If you want excellent quality from them, It would be best if you took care of their diet and health. When they eat high-quality food, they can easily provide you with high-quality milk and meat. The beef of these cattle is soft and chewable. Besides better taste, it has a very good aroma and a highly nutritious profile. Their beef also protects you from many minor diseases. The beef of these cattle is full of proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates. The Sanga cattle's beef is also good for kids. 

    Sanga Cattle Price

    Sanga cattle are much more expensive than the others. If you want to buy this breed, you should look at your budget. Sanga cattle are not good for you if you are a busy person. You can buy this breed from Africa. Their cost may vary from 1000 dollars to 2000 dollars. You can also adopt this breed from the adoption spots. At the adoption spots, these cattle prices are not more expensive. After purchasing, you should take good care of their diet and health. They do not require an inexperienced owner for the care.

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