Illawarra Cattle Origin, Facts, Weight, Height, Milk Production

Illawarra cattle are a breed of cattle that has a dual purpose. These cattle are easily accessible. These Illawarra cattle like to live in any climate. These cattle are medium to large. The Illawarra bulls and Illawarra cows have the same size. Both of these live a longer lifespan. Their life expectancy may vary from 10 years to 20 years. After every 12 months, the female Illawarra cattle have a calf. These female cattle are a good trainer for their caves. These Illawarra cattle have a great temperament and are very good mothers. 

    Illawarra Cattle Origin

    These dual-purpose Illawarra cattle breeds originated from Australia. Australian farmers developed these Illawarra cattle further. The breed was produced by crossbreeding Ayrshire and Devon cattle. The mother breeds were selected because it was a plan to produce a breed that could thrive in extreme climatic conditions. In 1840, the breed became popular in Australia. When people started eating their beef, its export started in countries like Zealand, Pacific Island, Canada, Korea, Japan, and the Middle East.

    Illawarra Cattle Origin, Facts, Weight, Height, Milk Production

    Illawarra Cattle Weight

    The Illawarra cattle are also famous for their weight. They have an extraordinary weight compared to the other cattle. The Illawarra cattle prefer a high-quality diet. That is why they are good in weight. They also require moderate maintenance. When they are aged one year to 2 years, they get mature. Their calves also yield a good weight. The calves of these cattle are considerably broader compared to the other breeds. The other cattle look small when they are standing beside them. 

    Illawarra Cattle Height

    These cattle are also good in height. When these cattle stand, their height looks like a horse. According to the people, their height may vary from 4 feet to 5 feet. When the calves of these cattle are born, they also have a good height. Their care, diet, and health play an important role in developing their height and weight. They do not require any unique owner who takes care of them. These are herbivores, and they like to eat grass. They prefer to live in green areas. 

    Illawarra Cattle Milk Production

    The most important reason for developing these cattle is their milk production capacity. These Illawarra cattle are good at milk production. The milk of these cattle is very delicious and has a good taste. Most people like to drink their milk, and kids also like it. You can use their milk daily in preparing various recipes. We use their milk for making natural foods like cheese, yogurt, and bread. These natural and nutritious foods are healthy for human beings. They have a mild taste in their milk. Their milk is available on dairy farms and commercial markets. Their milk is not expensive at all.

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