Nigora Goat Characteristics, Origin, Weight, Milk Production

The Nigora is a goat breed. These goats are quite different from the other breed of goats and sheep. These Nigora goats are strong and healthy. This are a domestic breed of goat. They are available in many colors like white, cream, black and brown. These Nigora goats are used for milk and also for meat production. The breed is famous for fiber production. These goats are easily available in local markets. You can keep this breed at home as a pet. These Nigora goats are small in height. Their height may range from 19 inches to 29 inches.


    The Nigora goats are social, friendly, and attractive. These are small to medium in size. The Nigora male and female are different in size. The females are larger than male goats. Their sizes may vary from 88 pounds to 177 pounds. Their body is like a rectangular shape, and the legs of these Nigora goats are short. Their jaws are strong and straight as compared to the other goats. The eyes of these Nigora goats are golden brown in color. The female Nigora goats do not have horns. These Nigora goats do not have any major health issue.

    Nigora Goat Characteristics, Origin, Weight, Milk Production


    The Nigora goats originated from the United States. In 1990 the Nigora goats were developed for the first time in the United States. The Nigora breed was developed by cross-breeding the female of the Nigerian dwarf with the male of White Angora. The first breed of these goats was seen for the first time in 2007 with the name American Nigora goat. The Nigora goats live in all climates. They like to live in large places. They do not feel comfortable in small places. 


    The Nigora goats are heavier in weight. These are very attractive. The male and female Nigora goats are different in weight. The female Nigora goats are heavier in weight as compared to the males. The female weight may vary from 80 kg to 85 kg, while the male weight may range from 30 kg to 40 kg. The goats are heavier than the other goats and sheep. Their diet plays an important role in their weight and health. They require moderate maintenance. They do not require any special owner who takes care of them. 

    Milk Production

    The milk of these Nigora goats is of high quality. They have a delicious taste. Everyone likes their milk. Kids drink their milk very happily. Their milk has some good fats, which is healthy for us. You can drink their milk daily. Their milk is available at cheap prices. You can easily buy their milk from the markets and utilize it in making kitchen edibles. Their milk is also available on dairy farms. The Nigora goats are though, bit expensive. If you want to buy these goats, you should look at your budget. Their cost may vary from 100 dollars to 150 dollars.

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