Drakensberger Cattle Advantages, Disadvantages, Origin

The Drakensberger cattle are domestic breeds. These cattle are affectionate, docile, and attractive. These Drakensberger cattle require moderate maintenance. These cattle do not like to live alone. We can use these cattle for milk and meat production. These Drakensberger cattle are medium to large. The males and females of these cattle are different in size. The male cattle’s size may vary from 1800 pounds to 2400 pounds as compared to the female’s size which ranges from 1200 pounds to 1500 pounds. These Drakensberger cattle live a longer life. Their life expectancy may vary from 14 years or more. 

    Drakensberger Cattle Advantages

    When the breed is grown up and developed, the people of South Africa avail its advantages. These cattle are famous for their adaptability, hardiness, and natural resistance. The most important advantage of these Drakensberger cattle includes the speedy recovery from health issues. They mostly suffer from bone diseases and ticks. The most important thing is that these cattle are called the “queen of cows“. They have a sleek coat that repels ticks and mites. Their meat is tender and juicy and does not require extra effort to cut.

    Drakensberger Cattle Advantages, Disadvantages, Origin

    Drakensberger Cattle Disadvantages

    The disadvantages of these cattle are that they cannot live alone. When they live alone they become sad and anxious. They require a high-quality diet. These Drakensberger cattle are heavier in weight as compared to the other cattle. These cattle hardly survive in extremely hot weather conditions because their deep black coat absorbs a lot of heat energy making it difficult to survive. They require a large area to live in, that's why they can’t be kept at home. 

    Drakensberger Cattle Adaptability

    The Drakensberger cattle are highly adaptable. The Drakensberger cattle can easily survive in both hot and cold climates. Their hardiness and special maternal qualities are not affected by climatic change. You can keep them on dairy farms. They do not require any special care. They can easily manage their food and living place. They like to roam around exploring new things. When it is dark, they usually stay inside. 

    Drakensberger Cattle Origin

    The Drakensberger cattle originated from South Africa. In 1497, the breed of these cattle was seen and introduced for the first time in history. These cattle were developed in the last few centuries. Vanderland cattle was the first name given by the people. Then their name was changed for the second time and that was Uys cattle. After their name was changed, people worked on their breed and after improving their quality, their name was changed again. The third and final name of these cattle was Drakensberger cattle. In 1947, this name was assigned to these unique cattle.

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