Turcana Sheep Characteristics, Origin, Wool Type, Uses

The Turcana sheep are a domestic breed. These sheep are different from the other sheep. Their resemblance, features, and nature are somehow different from the others. These Turcana sheep are well-known by their other name which is Scottish Blackface. They live a longer lifespan. They have white faces and black patches around their eyes. They have hairy and small tails. These Turcana sheep have long hair on their outer coat. They have double coats on their body, and both are very protective. The female Turcana sheep are good trainers for their lambs. They have a good nature and their good nature attracts everyone. 

    Turcana Sheep Characteristics

    The Turcana sheep are good and different in their temperament. They are friendly and docile. These Turcana sheep are available in two colors which are grey and white. They are medium to large. The male Turcana sheep are small in size as compared to the female Turcana sheep. The male size may vary from 40 kg to 55 kg, while the female size may range from 60 kg to 80 kg. These Turcana sheep are also good in height. If their height is measured from the shoulder they may vary from 2 feet to 3 feet.

    Turcana Sheep Characteristics, Origin, Wool Type, Uses

    Turcana Sheep Origin

    Turcana sheep originated from the Carpathian Mountains and they like to live in the mountains. They may be available in great number in mountainous areas. The farmers keep and develop this breed. When their population grows, most of the farmers decide to export them to different countries. In big numbers, these Turcana sheep are available in Romania, Greece, Albania, Moldavia, Poland, and Balkan countries. They do not like to live in small places. In congested places, these sheep may suffocate. 

    Turcana Sheep Wool Type

    Turcana sheep's wool is available in fine and excellent quality. Their wool is available in different colors like grey, black, and white. We make clothes and other warm things which are helpful for us in winter. They have long hair on their body. The size of their hair may range from 12 cm to 36 cm. The Turcana sheep's wool has a specific weight, and that may vary from 5 kg to 7 kg. 

    Turcana Sheep Uses

    The Turcana sheep is used for meat, milk, and wool production. Turcana sheep's milk and meat are very healthy for us. We can use their milk daily. Their milk has a lot of nutrients, proteins, and vitamins, which are healthy for us. We can use their wool for making carpets, jackets, and jerseys. We also export their meat to different countries. Their milk has a delicious flavor compared to the milk of other breed. Kids and adults both like their meat and milk.

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