Wensleydale Sheep Origin, Characteristics, Wool Quality, Uses

Wensleydale sheep is the domestic breed of sheep's. These Wensleydale sheep are the largest and the heaviest breed worldwide. The features of these sheep are the same as the blue sheep. The Wensleydale sheep are a unique breed and you can not find them easily. Their head and ears are dark blue. These Wensleydale sheep are the longest breed as compared to the other related sheep breeds. The population of these sheep is very rare. Their legs are also of blue color. They like to live in the mountains. Their coats are available in different colors. These sheep may get anxious when left lonely. 

    Wensleydale Sheep Origin

    The Wensleydale sheep is a British breed. These Wensleydale sheep originated from North Yorkshire. North Yorkshire is located in the north of England. In the 19th century, the female of Dishley Leicester cross bred with the local long wooled sheep. The other name of the Dishley Leicester is the Blue cap. Then these two breeds developed into a single breed, the Wensleydale sheep. In 1876 the name of these sheep was not confirmed. In 1890 the twins of these sheep were seen for the first time, and their name was decided, which is Wensleydale sheep.

    Wensleydale Sheep Origin, Characteristics, Wool Quality, Uses

    Wensleydale Sheep Characteristics

    The Wensleydale sheep are docile, caring, and attractive. The color and their features are very attractive. Everyone likes them and also loves to keep them at home. They require moderate maintenance. They like to play with their friends. These Wensleydale sheep make excellent companions with the others. They do not like to live alone. These are heavier in weight. The female Wensleydale sheep are much heavier than the male Wensleydale sheep. Their weight may vary from 90 kg to 135kg. These sheep are overall considered large in size. 

    Wensleydale Sheep Wool Quality

    The wool quality of Wensleydale sheep is excellent. Everyone likes their wool and makes new things with it. The wool of these sheep is available in different colors. They have a double coat on their body, which protects them from any danger. The upper coat of their body is full of wool. The wool length is so fine. Their hair are in curly form. The length of their wool may vary from 20 cm to 25 cm. Their wool is also heavier in weight. The Wensleydale sheep’s wool weight may range from 4 kg to 6 kg. You can make garments and shoes with their wool. 

    Wensleydale Sheep Uses

    The uses of these sheep are not much different. We can use their meat, wool, and also their milk. We use their milk for making cheese, yoghourt, and bread. Their dairy products are nutritious and healthy for us. We can use their meat to make a variety of food items. The meat of these sheep is also full of nutrients, especially proteins. The wool of these sheep is too warm.

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