Ba Xuyen Pig Characteristics, Size, Weight, Growth Rate

The Ba Xuyen pig is a domestic swine breed. These pigs are available along the Mekong River of Delta. This river is situated in Southern Vietnam. The Ba Xuyen breed was developed by the crossbreeding of two different pig breeds. The crossbreeding pigs were Berkshire pig and Bo Xu pig. The Bo Xu breed was imported by the French painters. The Ba Xuyen pigs were only developed for the production of meat. In 1900 this pig breed was introduced in China. 


    The Ba Xuyen pigs are available with white and black patches on their body. Their legs are short in size and their color is white. These pigs have short bodies as compared to the other pigs. Their body is full of fats. They eat their food with rice and other refined foods which are full of fats. When the male and female Ba Xuyen pigs reach at the age of 8 months to 10 months, they become mature. The female Ba Xuyen pigs give birth to 8 piglets in a year. They do not require high-quality maintenance.

    Ba Xuyen Pig Characteristics, Size, Weight, Growth Rate


    These pigs are small to medium in size. The exact size of these Ba Xuyen pigs is not available. They have short bodies and these pigs also have small hair on their outer coat. The tails of these pigs are small and twisted in shape. They have big bellies because they eat too much fat. These Ba Xuyen pigs have wrinkles on their heads. 


    The Ba Xuyen pigs are heavier in weight. Because of excessive fat, they have a heavy belly. Too much fat allows them to put on extra weight. Their average weight when they are getting mature may vary from 90 kg to 100 kg. When the male and female are getting mature they have the same weight. These Ba Xuyen pigs have some health issues. That is why you should take care of their diet and health. If they are suffering from any serious disease, you should take them to a veterinary doctor. 

    Growth Rate

    The Ba Xuyen pigs grow up very quickly when they live in their favorite place. In 8 to 10 months they grow up. Their growth rate is very fast as compared to the other pigs. In their growth rate and health, diet plays an important role. They require a good and high-quality diet. When their piglets are born, they are also heavier in weight because of their mother’s fatty diet. These Ba Xuyen pigs are very expensive.

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