Astrex Rabbit Personality, Size, Lifespan, Price

Astrex is a rabbit breed that is a well-known type of rex. The Astrex rabbit breed is unique. They have fine curly fur on their body. These rabbits originated in France. This breed was developed for the first time in France in 1919. In 1925 these Astrex rabbits were transported in Europe. This breed was transported to many countries due to its popularity. Nowadays, these Astrex rabbits are available in local and commercial markets. These Astrex rabbit breeds are the most popular breed of rabbit. 


    The Astrex rabbit is a loving, attractive, and docile breed. Everyone wants to buy this breed because of its loving behavior. Its features and nature are very attractive. They may sit on your lap if they want to play with you. They like spending more time entertaining friends, kids, and adults. These Astrex rabbits do not want to live alone. They have a good furry coat on their body which is very comfortable. These do not require any special or experienced owner. They can easily get trained by an inexperienced person.

    Astrex Rabbit Personality, Size, Lifespan, Price


    The breed of Astrex rabbits is small to medium in size. The male and female of these rabbits have the same size. They are heavier than the other domesticated rabbits. When you measure their size or weight, they may range from 6 pounds to 8 pounds. They do not grow up more than that size. Their babies' size may range from 0.5 pounds to 1 pound when their babies are born. When they are get mature, their final size will be around 8 pounds. They have some health diseases and must be checked routinely from certified veterinary specialist.


    The Astrex rabbits live a longer lifespan compared to the other rabbits. Their life expectancy may range from 7 years to 10 years. Both genders of these rabbits have the same life expectancy. Their diet and their health play an important role in their lifespan. If you do not take good care, they may suffer from any critical disease. It could be one of the reasons behind their early death. When they live alone, they become sad and anxious.


    The Astrex rabbits are more expensive than the other rabbits. At the beginning, these rabbits' male and female pairs were not more expensive than today. Nowadays, these rabbits are very demanding, and their costs are also very high. Because of the high pricing, these rabbits require budget consideration before purchasing. They will be cheaper at the adoption store than in the commercial market.

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