Chamois Coloured Goat Origin, Size, Weight, Uses

The Chamois colored goat is a breed of goat that is used for dual purposes. These Chamois-coloured goats live in mountains. There are two types of breeds, one is horned and the other is hornless. Both of these breeds are different. You can easily differentiate between them because of their body color and the appearance of their horns. Light tan to deep red color for the first breed which is horned Chamois colored goats and the two shades of black and chocolate for the other one. You can easily keep them as a pet at home. They have a friendly, loving, and gentle nature. 


    These Chamois Coloured goats originated from Switzerland. These goats were already available in Switzerland but nowadays they are also available in their northern parts which are Italy and Austria. These Chamois-coloured goats are exported to European countries and France. This breed is known by a different name in these countries. Their horned breed was developed in eastern parts of Switzerland while the hornless breed was developed in the central region of Switzerland.

    Chamois Coloured Goat Origin, Size, Weight, Uses


    The breed of Chamois-colored goats is small to medium in size. The males and females of this breed are different from each other. The male Chamois-coloured goats are large in size compared to the females. If you want to measure their size, the male height may vary from 80 cm to 85 cm. On average, the female height may range from 70 cm to 75 cm. The wool of these Chamois-coloured goats is available in different colors. They require moderate maintenance and they can easily survive in all climates. They have the capability to thrive in extreme climatic conditions.  


    These Chamois-coloured goats are heavier in weight compared to the other goats. Male and Female goat have different weights. The male Chamois goats are less heavy than the females. The male weight may range from 50 kg to 55 kg while the female Chamois-colored goat’s weight may vary from 70 kg to 75 kg. These male and female goats live a longer lifespan but the expectancy is different for both of them. The female lives a longer life than the male. The female life expectancy varies from 15 years to 20 years. But the male life expectancy varies from 10 years to 15 years. 


    The breed of Chamois-colored goats is used for a dual purpose. We use these goats for meat and milk. The female goat gives 600 kg to 700 kg of milk per lactation. Their milk is nutritious and contains 2.9% proteins and vitamins. Their milk also contains fats which are 3.4%. Their milk is very delicious. This Chamois-colored goat meat is used in making delicious traditional dishes. In one goat 55 kg to 75 kg of meat is available. Their meat contains cholesterol and fats. You should not eat their meat daily to avoid health problems.

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