Indo Brazil Cattle Characteristics, Size, Weight, Uses

Indo Brazil is a cattle breed which is a type of zebu. These Indo Brazil cattle originated from Brazil. This breed is one of the largest and heaviest breeds. Two different crossbreeding breeds developed this Indo Brazil cattle breed. Indo-Brazil cattle were developed in Brazil from 1910 to 1930. At the beginning of 1946, these Indo Brazil cattle were imported to the United States. They live in hilly areas and can easily thrive in extreme hot and cold climates.


    The Indo Brazil cattle breed is docile, gentle, and affectionate. These cattle are available in common colors, and these are white, black, and gray. They have a typical shoulder hump similar to the zebu. The Indo Brazil cattle is the longest breed. They have small horns on their head, and their ears are long. They require high-quality maintenance. These cattle like moderate climatic heat, which is best for their health. The outer layer of their coat is loose. The Indo Brazil cattle breed has beautiful legs and good looking  feet. They require an experienced owner who knows everything about their care.

    Indo Brazil Cattle Characteristics, Size, Weight, Uses


    The Indo Brazil cattle breed is medium to large. The male cattle are large when compared to the female cattle. When you measure their height, the male cattle grow 5 feet to 6 feet. They can easily grow more than 6 feet. The Indo Brazil female cattle's height may range from 4 to 5 feet. When their calves are born, they have a good height. High-quality food plays an important role in the development of their size. 


    The Indo Brazil cattle breed is the heavier breed than the other cattle. The male and female have different weights. The male cattle are heavier in weight compared to the female cattle. On average, the male cattle's weight may range from 900 kg to 1200 kg. The female cattle's weight may vary from 750 kg to 900 kg. Their calves also have a considerable weight when they born. They may have some health issues because of their weight. The Indo Brazil cattle live a longer lifespan. If you do not take good care, they might suffer from any disease, and ultimately their lifespan will be affected.


    The Indo Brazil cattle breed is used for a dual purpose. We can use this breed for meat and milk production. The meat of these cattle is available in commercial markets and all over the United States. Their meat has a lot of calories. That is why you should not eat their meat daily. It is also not good for obese people. Their milk is very delicious and has a pleasant taste. Kids enjoy their milk and drink happily. Their milk has a lot of nutrients, proteins, vitamins, and good fats.

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