Badger Face Welsh Mountain Sheep Origin, Characteristics, Size, Uses

The Badger Face Welsh is a breed of sheep that is considered domestic. They live longer lifespans, and the female sheep live more than the male. The Badger Face, Welsh female sheep’s life expectancy, may vary from 8 years to 10 years. They are small to medium. They like to live in the mountains. These Badger-Face Welsh sheep are low maintenance breed. Their owner does not have to put extra effort into their maintenance. Their nature is unique.


The Badger Face Welsh is a native sheep. The history of these sheep is very long compared to the other sheep. A large amount of these sheep are available in the areas of Wales. The areas of Wales are hilly and mountainous. When the breed of these sheep was developed, their first name was Defaid Idles. After some years, their name was changed again, and the second name of these sheep recommended was St. Idoles. In the 7th century, their name was also changed; this time, their name was saint.

Badger Face Welsh Mountain Sheep Origin, Characteristics, Size, Uses


This Badger Face Welsh sheep breed is loving, gentle, and docile. They do not require high-quality maintenance. They have strong legs, and they also have a short tail, which is full of heavy wool. The outer layer of their coat is full of heavy wool. Their head and mouth are covered with black and white color. They can only live in cold climates. You can not take these Badger Face Welsh sheep breeds to your backyard. They do not feel comfortable in small areas.


The Badger Face Welsh sheep are small to medium in size. The male and female Faced Welsh sheep are different in size. They are also heavy in weight. The females are the heavier compared to the male. The female weight may range from 80 kg to 90 kg, while the male weight may vary from 40 kg to 60 kg. The females are very heavy during pregnancy. The Badger Face Welsh sheep live a longer lifespan. Their life expectancy may vary from 8 years to 10 years. The females live longer lives than the male sheep. 


We can use this breed for many purposes, such as wool, meat, and milk. We can use their milk for nutrition and good health. We can use their wool to make clothes, blankets, jerseys, and jackets. The wool of these sheep is of good quality. Their wool length is very good. We can use their meat for eating. Their meat has a delicious taste, and their milk is very pleasant. Everyone enjoys their meat and milk. It is full of nutrients, proteins, and vitamins.

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