Sinhala Hound Temperament, Size, Height, Lifespan

The Sinhala Hound is a dog breed that originated in Sri Lanka. It is the native dog breed of Sri Lanka and is known by many common names. These common names are the Sinhalese hound, the Sri Lankan dog, the Sri Lankan street dog, and the Sri Lankan Rice dog. These hounds are considered active among other competitive dog breeds. They are well-known for their hyperactive temperament. Their population is high in Sri Lanka, and that includes their puppies as well. These hounds are domestic. They also live in semi-wild areas looking for a hunt. They hunt scavengers when they are hungry.


    The Sinhala hounds are active, gentle, and docile. These hounds are also very loving. Their loving and caring behavior attracts everyone. Their attractive behavior compels others to play with them. Kids enjoy their company and like to spend more time with them. These dogs cannot live alone; otherwise, they may become ill. Being lonely affects their health because loneliness makes them sad and anxious. If you are a busy person, this breed is not for you. They are easy to train because of their intelligence. They are good companions. You can take them out for a walk and socialize.

    Sinhala Hound Temperament, Size, Height, Lifespan


    The Sinhala hounds are small to medium in size. Both sexes of these hounds have different sizes. The male Sinhala hound is large compared to the female. The size of the male Sinhala hound may vary from 22 pounds to 26 pounds, whereas the female hound's size may vary from 20 pounds to 25 pounds. The average growth rate for these hounds is not specified, but they are in continuous growth till their death. These are available in many colors: black, black and tan, red and sable. The outer jacket of these hounds also grows and becomes thick, double, and soft. 


    These hounds have a good height. These Sinhala hounds are slim and tall compared to other community dog breeds. The size of both male and female Sinhala hounds differs. The male Sinhala hound is oversized in height compared to the female. The male Sinhala hounds' height may range from 14 to 16 inches. The female size may vary from 13 inches to 15 inches. They keep growing in size and weight up to their maximum life phase. They are also prone to some diseases, which could affect their growth. So, a regular checkup with a veterinary doctor is recommended. 


    The Sinhala hounds are affectionate, independent, and alert. These hounds live a longer lifespan. Their life expectancy may range from 14 years to 18 years. Both sexes of these hounds have the same life expectancy. Their care, health, and diet are essential to their lifespan. If you do not provide them with good quality food and do not take good care, they may die soon. You can hire a man who is experienced to take care of them.

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