Boreray Sheep Characteristics, Wool, Meat, Milk Production

The Boreray is a domestic breed of sheep. These Boreray sheep are well-known by their common names: Hebridean Blackface and Boreray Blackface. These sheep originated from Scotland. They are friendly and docile. These Boreray sheep have a gentle nature that attracts everyone around. They live longer lifespans and thrive in large and hilly areas. These sheep can easily survive in both hot and cold climates. These sheep cannot be kept in the house because they better survive in forests and hilly areas. 


    The Boreray sheep are small to medium in size. The ewes and rams have slightly different sizes. The Boreray ewes are measured as small in size as compared to the rams. The weight of ewes may range from 25 kg to 30 kg. The ram’s weight may vary from 40 kg to 45 kg. They also have different features. Both genders have curly horns. Boreray sheep have short ears and strong legs compared to the other sheep breed. These Boreray sheep are available in common colors: brown, black, and gray. Mostly these sheep are found in brown color. 


    The quality of their wool is excellent. The Boreray sheep’s wool is very helpful for making different clothing items. Their wool is too warm, and a lot of winter stuff could be made with their wool. We can make clothes, jackets, jerseys, blankets and kids clothes. The clothes made out of their wool are used for the long term because of their excellent wool quality. Their wool is curly and available in basic colors: black, brown, and gray. Their wool has reasonable weight and a good length. Their wool’s length may vary from 10 cm to 15 cm, and wool weight varies from 1 kg to 1.25 kg. 


    The Boreray sheep are used for many purposes. One of the main purposes is meat production. The meat of Boreray sheep is juicy. Their meat has a delicious taste. The Boreray sheep’s meat has low fats and calories. The meat of these sheep is good for growing kids. Their meat is not expensive and can easily purchased from local markets.

    Milk Production

    We can also use these sheep for milk production. We can use it for making dairy products. People make cheese, bread, yogurt, and other dairy products from their milk. Their milk has a unique taste that makes this sheep breed valuable. Milk has a thick consistency. Kids drink their milk happily. Boreray sheep milk contains optimum level of nutrients and fats that is why it is suitable for kids. .

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