Kemmer Stock Mountain Cur vs Mountain Cur Characteristics & Temperament

Mountain Curs played an important role in a frontier households during the early days of European settlement in North America, especially for those who chose to live in the most mountainous parts of the nation. They were used to hunt small wildlife such as squirrels and rabbits, but they have also proven useful in hunting larger animals such as wild boar. The Mountain Cur dog breed originates in the Kentucky and Tennessee mountains. They also served as farm watchdogs, aided in hunting, and herded livestock. 

    The Original Mountain Cur's history is largely the same as that of the Kemmer Cur. Robert Kemmer gathered some of the finest cur dogs and then line-bred them to create a dog with the attributes he desired. This led to the Kemmer Stock Mountain Cur, which is an excellent hunter and climber. This kind of dog is powerful, fearless, and courageous when fighting wild prey such as bears and boars. They tend to create close ties with their family and are devoted guardians.

    Kemmer Stock Mountain Cur vs Mountain Cur Characteristics

    The Mountain Cur is an excellent hunting dog due to its natural ability to climb trees. It is a fearless fighter and a genius worker, able to complete any task its master assigns. Mountain Curs are a fantastic choice for active, exploratory families because of their boundless enthusiasm and sense of adventure.

    They are incredibly intelligent, possess great treeing instincts, and are easily trainable to avoid unwelcome prey. In addition to being excellent hunting partners and guard dogs, they also thrive when given frequent opportunities to interact with their human trainers.

    Kemmer Stock Mountain Cur vs Mountain Cur Characteristics & Temperament

    Kemmer Stock Mountain Curs are quite similar to Mountain Curs in terms of their characteristics. They are available in a wide range of hues, including black, yellow,  blue, blonde, white, and other color variations. They feature a large, deep chest as well as a smooth or rough coat with a soft undercoat. They possess powerful, muscled legs that are designed for speed. They are daring warriors who participate in risky games, and they exhibit a lot of courage. They are capable of performing any task if trained well. Their ability to learn is improved by increased contact with their master. They are also great as watchdogs, and stock dogs.

    Kemmer Stock Mountain Cur vs Mountain Cur Temperament

    The Mountain Cur is a brave guard dog that fights to the death to protect its home and the people that live there. Mountain Curs are naturally gifted athletes who value time spent in the great outdoors for activities like sports and hunting. They are bred to hunt tiny wildlife, thus they possess a strong instinct to hunt. The Mountain Cur prefers to spend more time outside than indoors and does best in a house with a big yard. Dog sports are a great fit for them because they are highly intelligent animals who enjoy working. They get along great with the humans they know, but they mostly view smaller pets, like cats, as food.

    Both Mountain Curs and Kemmer Stock Mountain Curs feature personalities that are quite similar. The Kemmer Stock Mountain Cur is also a breed of dog that makes an excellent hunting companion and is easy to train. It is popular among children. It is extremely sociable, engaged, and vigilant. It desires nothing more than to please its master, but it needs constant care and attention to do so.

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