Bhadawari Buffalo Origin, Characteristics, Milk per day, Price

The Bhadawari is a type of domesticated Indian water buffalo that is well-known for its capacity to produce a significant amount of milk consistently. Because of this, they have been quite successful for farmers in countries with weak industrial sectors but strong agricultural ones, such as Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, Bulgaria, and the Philippines.

These animals are regularly bred with the Murrah breed of meat and milk buffalo. Hence, the current population of pure Bhadawari specimens has decreased to a few thousand. Male Bhadawaris are renowned for their ability to plow marshy fields.

The resulting Bhadawari x Murrah hybrid not only improves the milk output of other low-yielding breeds but also generates a better market for liquid milk, making it increasingly essential in the livestock business of countries having agricultural-based economies like Bulgaria, Thailand, Malaysia, Nepal, and the Philippines.

    Bhadawari Buffalo Characteristics

    These buffaloes are medium-sized and have a medium-to-low milk output, although their fat content can reach 13%. These animals are so manageable that even farmers with limited or no access to land can successfully raise them. This breed's male animals are regarded as among the best for plowing the marshy paddy fields, and its calves have a lower death rate than those of other breeds.

    Bhadawari Buffalo Origin, Characteristics, Milk per day, Price

    They have a small, light head that protrudes between their horns and slopes downward at the forehead. Their tail is long, slender, and flexible, and it runs down the hocks in a black and white or pure white switch. The Bhadawari buffalo has ears that are of average size and have a rough and pendulous appearance.

    The udders of these cows are not as well-developed as those of Murrah, but the milk veins are rather noticeable. The teats are about average in size, but their lengths vary. The average height of mature bulls is approximately 128 centimeters, whereas the average height of mature cows is approximately 124 centimeters. At maturity, bulls can achieve a live body weight of about 475 kg, while cows can reach about 425 kg.

    Males of this breed tend to have heads that are slightly heavier and more roughly built. The majority of their hair is copper-colored, with black roots and reddish-brown tips.

    A distinguishing characteristic of these animals is the presence of two white lines on the lower side of the neck. Their horns are somewhat outwardly curled, parallel to the neck, with the points curled upwards.

    The animals can withstand harsh weather conditions with ease. They're also well-known for their skill at making use of the coarse feed available in the area, despite its low quality. There is evidence that Bhadawari breeds consistently, with one calf born each year in the field. They have a very modest milk yield, but their milk has an unmatched sweetness, high-fat content, and flavor. Because its milk contains a high percentage of butter fat, this breed is ideally suited for the production of ghee, which is a typical form of economic activity in villages.

    Bhadawari Buffalo Milk per day

    Bhadawari buffaloes are exceptionally skilled. They are renowned for their capacity to utilize local, low-quality coarse feed effectively. They get the majority of their nutrition from roughage and coarse feed, such as wheat, straw,  barley, cornstalks, sugar cane residuals, and sorghum.

    Female Bhadawari buffaloes can turn their animal feed into butterfat, hence their milk has a high buttermilk content (between 6 and 12.5%). They have a milk production capacity of between 752 and 810 kilograms (1,658 and 1,786 lb) during their 272-day lactation cycle. It produces 4 to 5 liters of milk each day, with a fat content ranging from 8.5 to 14% of the total volume.

    Bhadawari Buffalo Price

    The Bhadawari buffalo is a breed of water buffalo that may be found in the Indian regions of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.  It is known for having milk with a high amount of butterfat, which ranges from 6% to 12.5%. 

    The cost of this Bhadawari buffalo ranges between ₹70,000 to ₹80,000, depending on the vendor as well as the locality.   The Bhadawari primarily consume coarse feeds such as straw, roughage, corn products, and sugarcane residuals as their primary source of nutrition. 

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