Amroha Aseel Murga History, Characteristics, Price | Amroha Aseel Female

Amroha Aseel Murga is the name given to a particular breed of rooster that is highly valued by gamecock breeders and is regarded as one of the best fighting birds in the Indian subcontinent. When referring to roosters, the term "Aseel" designates a pure breed, and the Amroha Aseel is renowned for its remarkable fighting capabilities.

    Amroha Aseel Murga History

    A breed of chicken called Amroha Aseel Murga comes from the Amroha area in Uttar Pradesh, India. In the United Kingdom, the Amroha Aseel chicken breed is considered rare and is rated as "critical" by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. The Amroha Aseel is regarded as one of the top fighting birds in India because of its reputation for aggression and skill at taking down gamecocks. Breeders of Gamecocks hold the breed in great regard. Another strain of Aseel, known as Rampuri Aseel, is believed to have come from Rampur, which is located around 40 miles from Amroha.

    Amroha Aseel Murgha History, Characteristics, Price  Amroha Aseel Female

    Amroha Aseel Murga Characteristics

    It is thought that the Amroha State in India is the birthplace of the rare and well-liked Amroha Aseel breed of Aseel chicken. Amroha Aseel Murga has the following characteristics:

    Size: The size of an Amroha Aseel ranges from small to medium.

    Appearance: The breed is characterized by its small to medium-sized legs and feet, lustrous feathers, and curved body.

    Color: Amroha Aseel often has black breasts, however, there are rare occasions when the breasts are red or brown.

    Feet: Amroha Aseel has gray feet with a few black and white spots.

    Eyes: In contrast to certain other Aseel breeds, which have yellow eyes, this one has white eyes.

    Amroha Aseel Murga Price

    A number of variables, including age, performance, and location, can affect the cost of an Amroha Aseel Murga (rooster). There are Amroha Aseel Murga that cost between Rs 9,000 to Rs 100,000. The sale price of an Amroha Aseel hen or female ranges from approximately Rs 12,000 to Rs 20,000.

    Female Amroha Aseel

    Like other Aseel breeds, the Amroha Aseel is renowned for its fighting skills. It is a breed of game chicken. Aseel hens are generally excellent sitters but poor layers. They are capable of producing approximately 70 brown to cream-colored eggs yearly.

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