Persian Punch Face Origin, Male & Female, Characteristics, Price in Pakistan

A Persian Punch Face is a type of Persian cat characterized by a round face and a short muzzle. The term "Punch Face" is used to describe Persians with a more extreme facial structure, while "Semi-Punch Face" refers to those with a less extreme structure. The standard Persian, doll-face Persian, or moon-face Persian are relatively new names for a subset of the Persian breed that is basically the natural phenotypic of the Persian cat, without significant traits.

    Persian Punch Face Origin

    • The term "punch face" for flat-faced Persian cat with a short snub nose and chubby cheeks, was coined in India & Pakistan.
    • Traditional Persian cat (doll-face Persian) is the original phenotype without extreme features.
    • Persian breed originated in Persia, introduced to Europe in the 1500s as trade items.
    • Traditional Persian cat's appearance has barely changed over time.
    • The introduction of brachycephalic mutation in the United States and elsewhere modified the breed standard.
    • Persian Breed Council adjusts standards and advocates breeding for longer, pointed muzzles to prevent health issues.
    Persian Punch Face Origin, Male & Female, Characteristics, Price in Pakistan

    Persian Punch Face Male & Female

    Both male and female Persian Punch Face cats share this characteristic feature. Some key differences between male and female Persian Punch Face cats include:

    • Size: Male cats are generally larger than females, but this may vary depending on the individual cat's genetics and overall health.
    • Behavior: Male cats are often more active and playful than females, while females tend to be more docile and calm.
    • Reproductive Cycle: Female cats go through heat cycles, during which they are more likely to mate and become pregnant. Males do not experience heat cycles and are always ready to mate.

    Persian Punch Face Price in Pakistan

    Persian Punch Face cat prices in Pakistan vary based on:

    • Pedigree: Purebred with champion bloodlines costs more.
    • Coat quality: Triple-coated cats are pricier than single-coated ones.
    • Eye color: Blue or green eyes increase the price compared to brown eyes.
    • Age: Kittens cost more than adult cats.
    • Location: Prices vary by city or region.
    • Current range: PKR 5,000 to PKR 45,000 for a Persian Punch Face kitten in Pakistan.

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