Micro Sheepadoodle Growth

Sheepadoodle is a designer breed which accidently came in to existence during an experiment in 1960’s. The US Army originated this dog breed as a result to use as a military dog. The name of this breed was named as doodle in 1992. Sheepadoodle is available in the three main colors and the most common ones are black and white. Micro sheepadoodle is a high demand dog breed due to his special qualities and appearance. Now we will discuss about the growth of micro sheepadoodle. Every dog passes through various stages of growth and development. Let’s discuss about various stages of growth of micro sheepadoodle.

From birth up to 2 weeks, this phase is called the neonatal stage. In this stage the senses are present. Puppy can easily smell and taste anything. The new born is majorly under the influence of mother dog. From 2 to 4 weeks, this phase is known as transitional stage. The behavior of the puppy is noticed and the puppy notices the manners and antiquates of Mother Dog and other litters. In this phase, the puppy starts properly sensing things around. He can sense smell and sound readily and his eyes become open. The teeth of puppy start growing. The new born sheepadoodle begins to stand and walk. He starts barking and waging his tail.

This phase usually last from two to three weeks. In this phase the eyes and ears become sharp at sensing things around and respond to them. He starts moving around in the family and play with other litters. He starts recognizing his family and his eye sight is developed. The next 4 to 7 weeks are the overlap phase.

Micro Sheepadoodle Growth

The overlap stage means the interaction of micro sheepadoodle with humans is created and it should be positive. This is the time to develop a relationship between a sheepadoodle and humans. In between 3 to 16 weeks of time period, the dog becomes mature and this is the best opportunity to make sheepadoodle grow in to a well-adjusted dog. He also needs time to be with his own family.

This is the time to train a sheepadoodle, how to remain at home, how to protect his family and other members of house, how to be neat and clean, how to entertain others and how to play with kids without harming others. This is the time to start making him feel comfortable in the house. After a year, the dog starts socializing around in the gatherings. He is a socializing dog and he loves to make new friends and wander around to discover new things.

He becomes fully mature at the age of 2 years i.e. he starts taking these things serious and become loyal to the family. He starts observing things happening around and from 16 months to 18 months of his life, he becomes adult and this stage is the most joyful stage of his life. He is exuberant and young and full of beans. He learns a lot of things in this stage of life.

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