Micro Sheepadoodle Size

Sheepadoodle are divided in to various categories according to the size. The categories are standard sheepadoodle, micro sheepadoodle and mini sheepadoodle. The size of sheepadoodle depends on the size of parent breeds involved in breeding. Sheepadoodle called as micro sheepadoodle have some specific size. The size involves the weight and height of sheepadoodle. Micro sheepadoodle are on high demand because of his small size and adult characteristics.

The size of sheepadoodle starts from a micro sheepadoodle and ends at standard sized sheepadoodle. Micro sheepadoodle is the smallest of all. The size of micro sheepadoodle is not fixed; it may vary from dog to dog. So there is a defined range in which the size of micro sheepadoodle may lie. The range in case of height is from 13 to 16 inches and in case of weight is 35 pounds or less than that.

This is the size range of micro sheepadoodle. if the weight exceeds or become less than this range, then sheepadoodle will lie in another category. Micro sheepadoodle are the favorite ones because they are the smallest in size and have all the adult qualities. The size of micro sheepadoodle is easy to carry around and is friendly with kids too. The small size of sheepadoodle makes him attractive to kids and even adults like him too. Micro sheepadoodle are lap friendly and can spend whole day by sitting in the lap of their master. They have smooth coat on them. Usually people keep him in their lap and love to touch his smooth fur coat.

Micro Sheepadoodle Size

He is different from the other type of sheepadoodle. Sheepadoodle was originated accidently as a result of an experiment but the micro sheepadoodle was special designed to meet the requirements of people. He was 1st kept as a dog to protect the family and to serve in army but the micro sized sheepadoodle is home friendly. People are comfortable with his size and always prefer a micro sheepadoodle among other sheepadoodle. He is not only attractive and good looking but also an intelligent dog.

He is the one with good sense of humor. He is very graceful and knows how to behave in front of people. Micro sheepadoodle is easy to carry anywhere. It covers less space in the car. He can be kept in hand for longer because of his less weight. Sheepadoodle loves to walk around and socialize with new people. Micro sheepadoodle readily make friends and be friendly with them. They are also the protectors of family.

They will protect the family, no matter what is in front of him. He is caring and loves to pay in the garden with kids. People usually left a sheepadoodle with their kids to protect them in the absence of their parents. They are trust worthy and loyal. People can leave him with their kids without any fear. They are the real protectors. The fact is, size does not matter, and qualities of sheepadoodle remain the same in every kind of sheepadoodle.

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