Giant Sheepadoodle Size

Giant sheepadoodle are the designer dogs. These can be obtained by breeding pure poodle dog breed with an old English sheep dog. They are bigger in size, as their name indicates, they are giant. Their size does not effect their qualities. Because of their giant size, they need proper care and attention for perfect grooming. They are not available commonly at the pet shop. They are often bred on demand. Measuring the size of giant sheepadoodle, they are almost 2 feet in height when they are on their two legs.

But when they stand on their 2 feet, their height reaches up to 5 feet. They are bigger in size but it does not affect their attractive personality. They remains the same by personality in all sizes. Their size can be acieved by breeding a specific size of parent breeds. Like, to obtain a giant sheepadoodle, a standard size old English sheep dog and a giant sheepadoodle are bred. Poodle has more influence on the size of sheepadoodle. So the size of parent breeds matter a lot. People usually order them already to adapt them as a puppy.

Their training is a bit difficult because they are hard to handle because of their big size. Handling a giant sheepadoodle is the main difficulty. Kids cannot handle them and not every adult can train them properly. A proper trianer is required. But some people like to train them their selves because that's how they can spend more time together. The life span of a designer dog is always greater than the parent breeds. Same is in the case of giant sheepadoodle. The life span of giant sheepadoodle is 13 to 15 years.

Giant Sheepadoodle Size

They cannot live more than 15 years because their life cycle completes. They are hard working and intelligent dogs. The height of sheepadoodle is almost equal to humans and their weight is also in the range of 50 kgs. They are heavy to hold. No one can pick them up in hands because of their giant size. It is difficult to take them out on picnic because they need proper space during travelling. They are not perfect for travelling. Their increased weight do not let any one to hold them easily. Once they get free, it is not easy to control them because they are highly active. They like to cuddle with their humans. When ever people are watching t.v, giant sheepadoodle enjogs the t.v screen and on the other hand they also need the complete attention of humans.

They know how to entertain their humans when they are having a bad day. They are good at entertaining people. No one gets bored with them. They love to socialize, and their giant size is a plus point. They are loving and bold in nature. They are the protectors of their humans when they are outside the house. They are well trained and are disciplined because they pick up things fast. They are intelligent and have an interesting personality.

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