Micro Sheepadoodle Shedding

Micro Sheepadoodle are more like poodles in case of characteristics an personality. Most of the traits of poodle dog are transferred to the micro sheepadoodle breed. Basically micro sheepadoodle is the resultant breed of fusion of old English sheep dog and a standard poodle. These two parent breeds are special and were kept by the royal families. The shedding property of micro sheepadoodle is also like poodle.

The coat of sheepadoodle has long length hair which is slightly wavy. The wavy texture is because of the hair texture of both parent breeds. A standard poodle has curly fur coat on their body whereas old English sheep dog has kind of silky hair (almost straight). Sometimes the fur coat of old English sheep dog is wavy in texture and is not purely straight. So the texture of hair involved in breeding have effects on the new breed. If the dg with waxy hair texture is bred with a dog having curly hair texture, then the resultant dog breed will have curly kind of hair because of the dominant trait.

Same is the case with micro sheepadoodle. Micro sheepadoodle have low shedding property because of inherited trait of poodle dog. Poodles have low shedding properties and that’s why they are hypoallergenic too. Likewise in micro sheepadoodle, the hypoallergenic property is present. Micro sheepadoodle has long length hair as compare to the parent breeds.

Micro Sheepadoodle Shedding

So, regular brushing and grooming sessions are required to keep him clean and tidy. They have long length hair, that’s why the chances of tangled free hair are less. Regular brushing will keep the micro sheepadoodle matt. The long length hair is due to the low shedding property of micro sheepadoodle. So, regular trimming is also required to keep him neat and good looking. His hair is really very appealing to others because of the wavy and silky texture.

Bathing is also necessary to keep him clean. The kids are safe to touch micro sheepadoodle as he will not transfer any germs and also he has low shedding property. The hair does not spread all around the house and create a mess. Because of his long length hair, there may be chances of an infection. So, the bathing routine should be strictly followed and hair should be trimmed timely. All these measures will help a lot to increase the safety index.

Most of the people adopt micro sheepadoodle to entertain their kids and to keep a good company. Micro sheepadoodle are the designer dogs with all the mist demanded qualities, so people willingly buy micro sheepadoodle. Micro sheepadoodle are available on some special or selective places. They are the high demand dogs. Poodle himself is a most loving dog and when he is bred with old English sheep dog, the resultant bred is the adorable one. The characteristics of micro sheepadoodle are very special and could not be found in any other dog breed. Even the micro size of sheepadoodle was bred on high demand of people.

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