What is Micro Sheepadoodle?

Micro sheepadoodle is one of the sizes in which sheepadoodle is available. Sheepadoodle is a dog breed which is obtained as a result of cross breed of Old English sheepdog and a poodle dog. This cross breed is designed to obtain unique marking and great personalities. The characteristics and appearance of sheepadoodle depends on the breeders involved in cross breeding and may vary according to the different sizes and color of parent breeds involved. Sheepadoodle dog breed usually get positive

Talking about micro sheepadoodle, it is a size of sheepadoodle which can be obtained with some special characteristics in parent breeds. Micro sheepadoodle start raising in the year 2015 after high demand of people. People were continuously demanding an adult dog with a small size and little weight. The target was to have an adult dog with weight less than 40 pounds. The demand was to breed a dog with smaller size of sheepadoodle but the characteristics should not be affected. The sheepadoodle have a very good energy level which people want to have in any size of sheepadoodle. People want to have a small size of sheepadoodle just to carry him easily with them.

What is Micro Sheepadoodle

Size does not affect the characteristics of any breed. The main characteristics are from the parent breeds. The coat of sheepadoodle dog is soft on touch and wavy in nature. Micro sheepadoodle is not the smallest size of sheepadoodle available. There are smaller sizes available which are lap friendly and can be carried anywhere. After detailed study and different trials (with many errors) finally micro sheepadoodle is obtained. Micro sheepadoodle are also termed as tiny sheepadoodle. Micro sheepadoodle are best for the people who live in urban areas. People live in city areas can easily keep the micro sized sheepadoodle.

Sheepadoodle keep less space than other sizes of sheepadoodle. But as mentioned before, the sizes of sheepadoodle does not affect the temperament and characteristics of dog breed. The weight of sheepadoodle can be estimated and a range can be created but the size may vary. One cannot guarantee the size of sheepadoodle. The weight of sheepadoodle is less than 40 pounds that’s why can be carried easily around in the market and can be carried out for walk. This makes the demand of sheepadoodle high. People who bought sheepadoodle are really happy to keep him with them. They gave a positive feedback regarding sheepadoodle attitude and other characteristics. They are really cute dogs.

Regarding the size of micro sheepadoodle, the sizes of parent breeds are also count. If the size of parent breeds is small then the size of sheepadoodle will also be small. Every time old English sheep dog and a poodle dog are cross breed as a result micro sheepadoodle is not always of same size. There must remain a difference in size of different sheepadoodle. This difference cannot be eliminated because it is really natural and the difference is just of few inches or half an inch.

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