Micro Sheepadoodle Weight

Micro sheepadoodle are the loveliest and the most demanding dogs. People select or prefer sheepadoodle because of his small size and all the adult characteristics. The characteristic of sheepadoodle are all perfect and are most suitable as a pet.  Sheepadoodle have various sizes and every size of sheepadoodle is of different weight. So weight matters a lot. People usually prefer pets with small size and less weight. Micro sheepadoodle fall on these demands.

Micro sheepadoodle is a designer dog which is breed on the high demands of clients. Clients demanded a dog will the adult characteristics and less weight. So sheepadoodle was designed by breeding an old English sheep dog and a mini poodle. The size of poodle leads to the desired size of sheepadoodle i.e. micro sheepadoodle. The weight of sheepadoodle is in the range of 24 to 44 pounds. The weight may vary according to the size of sheepadoodle. If we convert pounds in to kilograms, the weight becomes 11 to 20 kg. The size and weight of sheepadoodle does not have any effect on the personality and temperament of sheepadoodle. Micro sheepadoodle is small enough to carry around. The weight of sheepadoodle is almost negotiable while travelling.

People feel comfortable carrying the micro sheepadoodle. Their coat is very soft and wavy in texture. There is another category of micro sheepadoodle, i.e. micro mini sheepadoodle. This is also a small size dog and has very less weight. People can hold them easily in their hand and in lap without getting hurt. They are soft on touch so people find it very comfortable to play with them. People do not prefer the standard sheepadoodle because of his weight.

Micro Sheepadoodle Weight

The weight of a standard sheepadoodle is almost 90 pounds which becomes 40 to 45 kg. 45 kg is heavy to hold and people usually become tired by keeping them in lap or in their arms. Micro sheepadoodle are very calm dogs with a very good sense of humor. They get attached with people readily. They are intelligent dogs and this is the most appealing part of their personality. The weight of micro sheepadoodle does not affect these qualities. The weight is a variable factor which cannot be defined as a single digit. So the weight is always defined in range. Even a little change in height or size may affect the weight. The smaller the micro sheepadoodle may be, the lighter will be the weight.

This was all about the weight of micro sheepadoodle. The smallest size available for sheepadoodle is mini sheepadoodle, the weight also varies i.e. becomes less. Too much small sheepadoodle is also not preferred because of the very small size. Micro sheepadoodle size is compatible with kids playing. Micro sheepadoodle is small enough to be fixed in a corner of the house and watch around the house. They love to protect their families which is one of the trait of poodle dog. Poodles were hired by the royal families to pass their time and for personal protection.

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